Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap - What I Sent

Well, here's my Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap package! It's a little over-the-top, but my partner wanted something sexy (for her hubby), and I figured I could DO THAT! LOL! In addition to the apron with bras-and-panties fabric, I made a sexy choker, and a pair of fingerless black lace gloves.

Here are a couple pics I swiped off HER blog - the apron looks better on her dress form, LOL!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catching Up - A Couple Gifts I Got

Two wonderful bloggie-friends sent me some much-appreciated gifties at Christmas! I'm just now getting around to posting again since I got a new camera and getting the pics uploaded and then into Picassa and back to Windows is a nuisance, but it's the only way things will work now - funny how an additional step just makes my feet drag, getting things posted! Anyways, the wondrful AwtemNymf sent me THREE books! A total surprise to me! And the biggest surprise is that I didn't already HAVE any of them (because I'm a book-a-holic). These books are non-fattening, and they just might lighten my WALLET a bit if I think I "need" more fabric, LOL! (Sorry the pic is so fuzzy...still getting used to the new camera.)

And here's a peek at what my friend, Aunt Pitty Pat, sent me - yummm! Of course, I took this picture awhile ago (like the day they came). The tin is empty. The bags are empty. Uhhhh....gee, I wonder where the Chex Mix went? :-) Shall I blame Miss Piggy? And Diesel? Naw...I have to admit, I ate every bite...I LOVE Chex Mix but only if someone ELSE makes it. I'm a really good cook, but there are a couple of things that just taste better if someone else does the work, and Chex Mix is one. She also sent me a beautiful heart necklace that I've worn many times already! Thanks again, APP! I love both these special ladies :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pussycat, Pussycat.....

I know, I know...I haven't been posting for awhile. Well, work is a bit of a drag right now - layoffs and sad and grumpy people. But this apron I got in Val's "Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap" certainly cheered me up and made me smile :-) This apron came from Kellie. She created this awesome apron from stash-on-hand (as we all had to do). The underlayer is a wild animal print...but the parts I love the best are the totally stupendous, awesome, wonderful, creative, artistic pussycat and fish (ok...just the skeleton because I think Badd Kitty ate the Fishy!). Kellie drew them freehand! I could never be that creative. She also included a matching potholder, a Quilt magazine, 3 totally lovable fat quarters, and 2 yummy recipes for me to try! I love all of it - what a great swap to get in the mail! Thanks a million times, Kellie!
Here's a closeup of da pussycat :-)