Saturday, February 2, 2013

Odds & Ends...Some "Racy"

Bit and pieces. Flotsam and jetsam. Things and stuff. That's what today's post is - a bunch of unrelated sewn/crafted objects. Oh, and the "Some Racy" is at the bottom, so stop before you get there if you don't like racy (but you'll be missing something hilarious!).
First - my son and DIL asked me to wrap a gift for their niece, Nessa, for Christmas. The gift was a LaLaLoopsey Doll (who knew?). It comes in a plastic box that is shaped like a Dr. Suess house!
Me:     How am I supposed to wrap this?
Son:    Make a fabric bag...and shape it down like this, and up like that. And make
          the top come off.
Me:     Gee, why didn't I think of that?

So here's what I came up with. Seriously...there's a doll in there! The roof velcros on and off. I woulda added a chimney, but I ran out of time - Santa was waiting impatiently on the porch. Word has it, Nessa's eyes lit up when she saw them walk in with her gift.

 * * * * * * * SMILES * * * * * * *

Next. I saw these on a blog ( and knew I had to make some! Luckily, I have a friend who has two little girls that I can "use" to make stuff for. I did change them up a little in that I didn't use actual paint. Rather, I colored them with Sharpies (less mess), and drew on the eyes instead of using wiggly eyes. I also glued the chenille-stem antenae to one (in)side of the clothespin. They turned out real cute, and Abby had them pretty much completely mutiliated within 1.34 seconds. Way to go, Abby! High Fives for killing the pretty butterflies! LOL!
Wooden clothespin + Sharpies. Add chenille stem. Clip onto "snack-size" zip bags filled with fruit, crackers, whatever.

And here's Ms. Abby, enjoying pulling the wings off the butterflies ;-)

Next, here's a dog-gone good story...
I was at Safeway the other day and when I went through the checkout, one of my buddies was working. She said "Where are your bags?" (my cloth grocery bags). I told her I didn't have my car that day, so I didn't have any bags. Then we started talking about how we do need some plastic bags from time to time for "icky" things, and she mentioned she was getting a puppy in a few weeks (and even whipped out a picture of her soon-to-be new family member). She said she was saving a plastic bag full of plastic bags in the garage to have for walking the new pup. I said "Mebbe you need a cute quilted, puppy-themed fabric plastic bag holder!" She laughed and said "Oh, and I suppose you have some fabric with puppy feet on it?" I said yep I do and I guess I'll have to make you one!
So here's what I came up with, and I dropped it off for her at the store yesterday, although she wasn't working at the time, but another of my buddies said they would put it in her cubby in the employees' area. I think it's quite cute!
I put some fussy-cut pups, and one panel with some worried-looking kitties, too. Heehee.

* * * * * WOOF WOOF MEOW * * * * *'s the "Racy" part...YEP I KNEW YOU'D WANNA SEE THIS!!!!!
My son's girlfriend asked me to make a sexy or funny t-shirt for my son's birthday bash at the local tavern just before Christmas. Adam likes to Karaoke occasionally, so I thought I would work with that theme. I found a funny saying and adapted it a bit, then grabbed some images. I worked it all up in Snag-It and Word and printed it on fabric photo sheets, then sewed it onto a purchased t-shirt.

This went on the back of the t-shirt.


And this went on the front of the shirt...see the arrow pointing downward? Well, then I made a felt microphone. And believe it or was the SECOND such felt microphone I've made! I made the other one for a Mama Mia! themed apron swap and included a saucy apron and feather boa :-) So I already had a pattern in my head...but this time, I made a paper pattern and saved it...just in case I ever have to make another one for some weird reason (ya never know!).
I used velcro to attach it to of the placement is EVERYTHING, let  me just say...

Down at the tavern (Buzz Tavern - yes, that's really the name!) Adam tried to get out of wearing the shirt at first. But when we finally got him to put it on...well, let's just say...he really got into it and wouldn't take it off! And here are the pictures to prove it!

Adam with friend, Laura. Note that Laura is singing using the felt microphone!

Now Adam seems to be using both microphones...

Now he's just using the felt one, and judging by the look on his face, Adam seems to be enjoying his birthday VERY much :-)

 Adam and his girlfriend, Lisa.
 * * * * * PRICELESS * * * * *

Oh, and if you should happen to run across a YouTube video of some drunken grandma boogying the night away at a local tavern...well, that's NOT me!'s not...