Sunday, April 11, 2010

We Are SEW Lucky We Can Sew!

Aren't we lucky we can sew? If we need something special, we can design it, and whip it right up! And that's what I did here.....let's see if you can guess what this might be? Hmmmm...well it's some kind of lumpy thing...and there's a button and loop closure...

Ahhh, it opens up! Looks like there are three pockets...and a zipper across the top. What could it hold?
Flip side - there's the button - actually two buttons, stacked. And they are vintage - how cute is that! What is the fabric? It looks like...a map of a odd??? But there's also Ric-Rac - we LOVE Ric-Rac!
OIC! The things that were making it lumpy are GPS parts! The screen thingie, the holder thingie, and the cable thingie that goes in the lighter thingie! Well, now that makes sense - keeps it from getting scratched, and fits nicely in the car center console when not in use.
And look - inside are some polka dots - don't we LOVE polka dots? Of course, I'm not sure "The Dominator" feels so masculine with the polka dots, but he'll get over it. That's what I named my GPS - "The Dominator" - he's kinda bossy, but I really do love him! He gets me where I need to go :-)
When I took my road trip to California last fall and mentioned I was taking a GPS, my wonderful friend, Aunt Pitty Pat, who is with law enforcement, wisely told me that you should NEVER leave your GPS in plain view, unattended. Thieves like to steal them, AND they could use the data in the GPS to find your home and rob you. So I make sure I always remove it from the windshield and take it with me, or stow it in my console or trunk. This little GPS stash makes that a lot easier, and much more fun!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Puppies In the Polka Dots! Or...Spot Sees Spots!

I got in on some of Faerie Wysperer's de-stashing (how can one bear to give up stash???). There are two kinds of stashers: those who wash, and those who don't. No, I don't mean personal hygiene - I mean pre-wash fabrics. I toss everything in the washer the minute it comes in the door, but a lot of people don't. So when I got the HUGE box of POLKA DOTS OF EVERY COLOR AND SIZE in the mail, I could tell it wasn't pre-washed (WAY too neat!).
So after drooling and fondling for MANY hours, I fluffed it all out and got it ready to wash. I threw the pile on the floor near the washer/dryer. Apparently, that looked too good to pass up to Diesel. He plopped himself down in the middle, scooched his cute little furry butt around to make his new "nest" comfy, and settled in.
I just barely caught a pic of him as he dashed away - camera shy, I guess. But Miss Piggy is NOT camera shy and she quickly took his place, posing in her cute Miss Piggy manner :-) (Yes, that's toilet paper on the floor at the bottom lower left...I actually have a toilet paper story I'll try to post at a later date...)

The Polka Dots are all washed and happily enjoying their stay with all the other fabric on Apron Valley Road.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sometimes, Newer Isn't Always Better...

As I'm preparing Easter dinner for my family, I lovingly rubbed some olive oil on my 5-pound ribeye roast, sprinkled it with some roasted garlic and red pepper seasoning, some freshly-ground pepper and sea salt. Then I stuck the good old standby meat thermometer in it. Hubby asked why I didn't use the fancy-schmancy digital one. I said "Well, because this one always works!"
This was my mom's meat thermometer. She was 86 when she passed, and she's been gone about 12 years now. I still have her thermometer, which she "mail-ordered" from Morrison Wood, Box 814, Springfield, Ohio (no zip code in those days). It came in a box with a 3-cent stamp to "Mrs. Sidney A. Peterson, Rt. 1, Box 472, Olympia, Wash." Now, our address was actually Rt. 11, not Rt. 1, but it made its way to us anyways. And everything in those days came to "Mrs." not "Myrtle" as was her first name. Even the daily newspaper REFUSED to print "Myrtle Peterson" - it just HAD to be "Mrs. Sidney A. Peterson." The box is a bit beat-up, but the thermometer is right-on (I test it every once in awhile in boiling water).
Some things just never wear out - this thermometer, and my love for my family, being two of those things:-) I'll let you know how that roast turns out, but I'm sure it will be perfect! I hope you all have a lovely Easter!