Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walker Bag For A Friend

Here's a "walker bag" I made for a friend of mine who happens to need one right now. I'm making a wheelchair bag as well and will post that when it's done :-) I think this is pretty cute.....I used Simplicity 2822.
The inside fabric is the same as the outside pocket.

Don't Ditch It, Restitch It Apron Swap

Here's the apron I made in Aunt Pitty Pat's Don't Ditch It, Restitch It Upcycled Apron Swap. I had a pretty white blouse (that somehow shrunk in the wash) and a flower-print denim skirt (funny thing - same thing happened to the skirt!).

I put them together....and here's what happened!

Here's a wider shot:

And with the leftovers, I made a bag. On one side of the bag, I used one blouse sleeve as a pocket:
And on the other side, I used the metal button placket thingie from the skirt to make a pen/pencil holder, or whatever else you might slide in there.....
Close up of the detail:
Sorry, the image is a bit washed out - the polka dot fabric is really girlie-pink :-) I included a little pink glass heart as an extra. Hope my partner liked it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Swaps

Here are the wonderful items I got from Aunt Pitty Pat's swaps. First off, AwtemNymf from The Faerie Wysperer sent this Awesome Annie! I love her face and I'm sorry to say that the face I put on my Annie to her was not as good. I can sew, but drawing faces on things is just not my strong-suit. But who could resist this sweet face? Not me! And she has bloomers under that super cute dress (but she's a lady, so I won't show). I love her chenille hair! And she has little ties on her shoes, too! Annie loves cookies and hugs - she'll get plenty here. I also got two kinds of candy and some cookie cutters (which I collect!). Thanks so much - she's fabulous, and she'll have a nice home, I promise!
And look at this great apron I got from Rebecca at whosies! This is a great upcycled apron! She cut up a green linen-type dress for the basic apron, and the overlay is a Holly Hobbie 1976 calendar! She said it has been "waiting patiently for a new lease on life." She said "who doesn't love her?" I totally agree - Holly Hobbie has been around for a long time, and I'm glad this one came to live with me now :-) My husband took the picture, but he didn't really get close enough...I would ask him to take another one, but I think I used up my "honey-do" limit by getting him off the couch for the first picture, LOL! Thanks so much - it's a great apron and I'll love wearing it!
I was very late with MY creations for these swaps this time. I had something come up after I had signed up that has taken up much of my free time, but I did get both swaps out in the mail today and I'll post them on Wednesday or Thursday after I'm sure they've been received. I can only hope that they will like what I made as much as I am LOVING their wonderful creations! And thanks again to APP for holding these fun swaps!