Saturday, April 21, 2012

This and That

I have a lot to post today...uh, but that would be because I haven't posted in a LONG this is a catch-up.

First of all, I have to tell you what my smart-alec son, Ben, said the other day. He had found a can of WD-40 in the bushes (not sure what he was doing in the bushes - not gonna ask!). It was all rusty, but he was surprised to find it was completely full! So of course, being a male, he just had to find something to squirt :-)  So he came in the house and squirted the front door hinges. Apparently, they had been squeaking for years, but I'd never noticed. He applied some WD-40 and the squeaks disappeared. So proud of himself, he was...  I said "Hmmm...maybe I need some of that for when I get up in the morning..."  He replied "Mom, it's WD-40, not WKnee-40...and besides, you'd need WKnee-60." Harrumph! I resemble that remark!

Let's talk about sewing now :-)

First off, I was in Aunt Pitty Pat's Spring Mug Rug Swap and my partner was Cheryl in Virginia. She sent me this lovely Mug Rug, and included a pair of cute gardening gloves, and a BUNCH of packets of seeds! I love the fabric - it's so pretty - all the little seed packets, and she stitched around them for definition. She also included a nutrition bar but it disappeared, never to be seen again - must have gotten snitched. Thanks Cheryl for the wonderful swap package!

So here's what I sent Cheryl. I was a bit tardy, so I made sure I added a couple extras to make up for it.
I appliqued some flowers on the Mug Rug

I included a clear glass mug and wrap with butterflies

Here's the wrap, full-flat-view

A linen-and-patchwork zip pouch

Here's the inside

I jazzed up a yellow dish-drying towel to match

I found this sweet little sewing kit in a polka dot tin at a LQS

Next, I made a sweet quilt for a friend's NEW baby, due May 1. It was a quickie quilt, in that I started it on Thursday and presented it on Saturday. Phew!

So she didn't have her nose out of joint, I also made OLD baby (22-month old Abby) a cute lil' bunny. I got the pattern here.

That's all for project is a fabric Color Book for Abby's birthday. I've got three pages done already! Might actually have it ALL done without having to "cram" at the very last minute.

Nah...never gonna happen ;-)