Thursday, August 5, 2010

Potholder Swap - Why Wasn't This Easy-Peasy???

When I signed up for Aunt Pitty Pat's Potholder Swap, it was supposed to be "quick-and-dirty"...well, maybe "quick-and-clean" since potholders ARE to be used around food, LOL! But, I thought

"This will be easy-peasy! Just make a potholder! Not an APRON and a potholder and candy and tuck-ins and...and. Just a potholder! How difficult could it be?"

Well, I have always suspected, but now there is proof-positive, that I can make ANYTHING difficult, without really trying! I pondered and fussed and "auditioned" various fabrics and patterns and made potholder after potholder (well, ok...maybe just 4 plus the one I finally sent...). I guess, when it was just supposed to be a potholder, my little pea-brain decided it had to be 'One Spectacular Potholder.' Like a potholder with rainbows, ruffles, glitter, flashing lights, a 100-piece orchestra, and 50 dancing girls with black net stockings. I fell a little short of all that...but at some point I just had to get it in the mail. So here's the potholder, sans rainbows, ruffles, blah, blah, blah...all that stuff I mentioned:
Here's the back - there's a hand-sized pocket and you can use that to grab hot stuff from either side.

I embellished a tea towel with some of the fabric, (and don't get me started on how I fussed over making that purchased tea towel squared-up because it was sooooo off grain!).

I also made one of my Weads Necklaces in the same colors.

All together now:

Hope my partner liked it! And thanks, APP, for coordinating this little (but stressful!) swap :-)