Friday, December 30, 2011

Swaps, Gifts, and Wraps

I got a little behind (not to be confused with having a small rear end!) on posting a lot of my Christmas activities. First up: swaps. I was in a couple of swaps and posted some of the things I made in the previous post, but here are the lovely packages I received in turn! I somehow got signed up twice in Aunt Pitty Pat's stocking swap (I think the fact that she can talk me into almost anything played a factor...). Here's what I got from the fabulous Regena:
I love this linen stocking with the fussy-cut patches from Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas by Moda Fabrics. This line is one of my favorites and I used it in a table runner I made for another swap. And look at that Mug Rug! It's shaped like a tag! I love that idea and WILL be stealing it in the future :-) Thanks so much, Regena!
I love how she used the Moda twill tape for the stocking hanger. And among all the goodies she sent, she included some baker's twine - of course, it's all the rage but I didn't have any, so now I do! Wheeeee!

And my sweet Canadian partner, Eleanor, sent me these wonderful things!

I love this stocking with the wide bias tape and what a good job Eleanor did applying all the tape! Among the goodies is a cookbook that has lots of Scandanavian recipes (I'm norwegian) including some of my favorites like Swedish Pancakes, although I make mine a bit different, and my brother's favorite, Lefse. She also included a sweet snowman pin - I collect Christmas pins! I had to laugh when I opened her little sack of personal care items - there was a tube of lip balm, and I had just read an article about people who are, apparently, ADDICTED to lip balm! They actually call it "Chapstick Addiction!" I hope I don't succomb....LOL!
And look at the gorgeous card she made just for me! Soooo pretty and sparkley! I'm going to put this with all my rubberstamping supplies so I can steal the idea next year ;-) Thanks, Eleanor!

Next, I made five Scrappy Daisies quilted table runners (from Gudrun Erla's fabulous book Table Talk) for a group of friends I call my "Lunch Buddies" - we meet every Wednesday for lunch at The Mason Jar in Tumwater. Don't know where I'd be without my Lunch Buddies :-) so I decided I wanted to surprise them with these fun gifts. Ok, maybe the REAL reason is that after making one for a swap, I simply couldn't stop making them! They are soooo fun, fast, and fabulous! Here they are:
Traditional reds/greens/golds
I love these golds and blacks
These blues and silvers were my fave
I like how the solids made this one pop

Rolled and Ribboned and Ready to Gift!

Shirley was very happy with her table runner! And she just HAD to "get back at me" the following week by stealing my lunch bill and paying it herself :-)
After all the swaps were sent, and the table runners finished, it was time to "wrap" the gifts for my family. The girls always get pretty wrappings and Autumn saves hers to use to wrap gifts for her sisters and mom the following year BUT she makes them give the wraps back so she can reuse them again! This year, her sister, Stephanie, didn't even have to be told - she just handed the fabric bags back after unwrapping the gifts. Here's how I wrapped some gifts for Autumn:

I made a 60" scarf from a Jelly Roll of Flurry and backed it with Sew Comfy and tied it around a pacakge. I added a pin made of felt flowers for a festive look.


And here's a bag I made to match, along with a small pouch that contained jewelry.

I made a yarn angel to top one package. I plan on doing a tutorial next week for these, using Valentine's Day fabrics.
I liked this snowman fabric - I think it made cute bags to hold some Bath & Body Works goodies for the girls.
 All in all, it was a very good Christmas! Now to start all over again and NOT wait until the last minute! (Famous last words...)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blocks and Stockings

I've been up to some mischief  :-) I won't say who gets what, but these are some Christmas quilt blocks and stocking packages I've been working on. Happy to say they have either already gone out the door or will be today or Monday! Then I can work on "wrapping" my family's and friends' gifts! Oh...and FINISH my shopping!

I just wish I could keep THESE and make a quilt for myself...but I'm sure I'll be getting some lovely blocks back from Aunt Pitty Pat's Christmas Block Swap.

It took a lot of looking before I found this cardinal fabric that was perfect for an applique to spruce up the Log Cabin block.

Some stockings I made, and each has its own special Christmas Gift Receipt bag - just tuck it in your purse or bag and it's THE place for all your Christmas shopping receipts so that if something needs to be exchanged or returned after Christmas, you'll know EXACTLY where to find that pesky receipt!

 Of course, there are LOTS of goodies that will go into each stocking!