Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Pin

Here's a fast little project that's perfect for a stocking stuffer! All you need is some craft wire (I use any in the 20-something guage range), seed beads, E-beads, plastic star, metal tie tack (which you can buy in packages at any craft store), craft glue, and needle-nose craft pliers.

Using a 2-foot length of wire (approximate), bend a small, tight loop in one end - this is to wrap around the tie tack, which you'll do later. Referring to the pictures above, make a right-angle turn and slip one seed bead, one E-bead, and another seed beed on the wire. Make another right-angle turn in the opposite direction. Repeat the beads. Continue making turns, but make each "branch" longer than the preceding one, and add a couple more beads (starting and stopping with seed beads). Don't add too many beads to a row - you want them to slide back and forth to give the Christmas Tree Pin some motion. Add some narrowing turns without beads at the bottom for a "trunk." Slip a tie tack into the top loop and crimp with the pliers. If it's still loose, use some craft glue to anchor it. Glue a star onto the tie tack. I made envelopes out of scrapbooking paper (use a small pre-made envelope as a template), and cut cardstock to fit the envelope. Attach the pin to the cardstock and insert into the envelope for a cute presentation! My coworker, Janell, and I made tons of these last year. They are fun to make and to give!

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Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Now how cute is this???? Darn Cute :) .. I will try this. Thank you for sharing your little Christmas tree pens with us. :) My family would love these little trees ;)