Thursday, April 23, 2009

More...On The Dead Coyote Tavern....

Well, things move slowly around my neck o' the woods. Things such as the decomposition of The Dead Coyote. I didn't want to show pictures of The Dead Coyote when he (or she) was still somewhat intact. But now that it's just bleached bones....I feel like I can broadcast the images. If you scroll down a bit you will find a long post about the "Dead Coyote Tavern." I purposely didn't post pictures of the coyote at that time because...well...they...were...."ICKY!" But now they are like pictures that I remember from "Wagon Train"....ok - I know, I am dating myself here...most of you have NO FREAKING IDEA what I'm talking about. But that was a show back in the Dark Ages (1957) that had Ward Bond as Major Seth Adams, and Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster. They encountered LOTS of bones of "stuff and things" along the way on their trek from post-Civil War Missouri to California through the Plains. Something that we mostly can't even imagine these days! Missouri to California? Hop on a plane! A few hours! But I remember those TV days....and so as an Ode to Wagon is a picture of the bleached bones of The Dead Coyote!!!

And just a bit of a more close-up.....if you didn't quite get enough the first's some teeth and stuff, LOL!


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Ok LOL Nadine when he gets all the bits off you should send me his skull :)Wow he sure did decompose fast in your area!!!

Tulsi said...

those are some lovely bones. My mom would have macrame them at one point in her life.