Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't Ditch It, Restitch It Apron Swap

Here's the apron I made in Aunt Pitty Pat's Don't Ditch It, Restitch It Upcycled Apron Swap. I had a pretty white blouse (that somehow shrunk in the wash) and a flower-print denim skirt (funny thing - same thing happened to the skirt!).

I put them together....and here's what happened!

Here's a wider shot:

And with the leftovers, I made a bag. On one side of the bag, I used one blouse sleeve as a pocket:
And on the other side, I used the metal button placket thingie from the skirt to make a pen/pencil holder, or whatever else you might slide in there.....
Close up of the detail:
Sorry, the image is a bit washed out - the polka dot fabric is really girlie-pink :-) I included a little pink glass heart as an extra. Hope my partner liked it!

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