Monday, September 6, 2010

Monkeyin' Around

Made some kitchen stuff for a friend's son, Chad, who has purchased his very own first home. Kathy (mom) and coworkers rummaged through their houses for household items they could spare, to get him set up. Kathy said the one thing she was sorely lacking was any potholders she could give to the cause. So I said "I'll make him some!" Wanting them to be dignified enough for a guy, I Monkeyed around and came up with these:
I used wide-wale corduroy on the back of the potholders. It was on sale at Joann's and I thought it would add texture, as well as a bit of extra thickness, protection, and of course, manliness! I've since made others with corduroy backings just because I like it so much!
I also found some bar towels at Target that had a decorative stripe in coordinating colors. I added a bit of Monkey fabric to two of them and left the other two plain.
But, my favorite item is this reusable grocery bag I made him from one of hubby's old, worn shirts. Chad had already been scouring ads and figuring out the best grocery stores to shop in, so I figured he might actually USE a reusable grocery bag.
I cut the bag out of the center, including the well-worn shirt pocket, and added a cuff, and the back-neck tag for interest.

Here's Kathy at Chad's housewarming party.

Look at the totally cool coffee table one of Chad's guy-friends gave him! It's made from pistons. Chad's friend recently had a baby, so those sharp bits underneath aren't baby-friendly, but all Chad has to be careful of are his friends who might possibly get inebriated at one of his parties, rolling around on the floor...small price to pay for such awesome furniture! Happy Housewarming!

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