Saturday, October 2, 2010

Off to Ta Town!

I'm off to "Ta Town!" At least, that's what Aunt Pitty Pat calls it - "Ta" because it's WichiTa" I guess :-) At any rate, I'm taking a loooonnnnggggg vacation with APP, and Pitty Pat, of course - 23 days of fun and sewing and shopping and eating! Did I mention sewing?

APP and I met online a couple of years ago when we both became involved in what I like to call "Apron World" - that fateful day when I was on Pattern Review and clicked on a reviewer's link to their blog. Oh my! What a world I discovered! And my very first apron swap (Sassy Apron Swap) and I was hooked! I've met so many wonderful people, all over the world, just by apron swapping (and the occasional potholder, tote bag, Christmas stocking, etc.). And one of them was APP. As it turned out, she and I were both vacationing in northern California last fall and we were able to spend a couple of days yakking and shopping for fabric - what fun! Now, we're trying it for 23 daysl Now, I DID mention to her about that saying that goes something like "fish and houseguests start to smell after a few days" but she was undeterred - she wanted me to stay a whole month, but I was afraid my doggies wouldn't recognize me if I stayed away too long! Here's a pic of me with her darling Pitty Pat from our visit last fall.

Of course, what's a sewing getaway without fabric? I did slip a Honey Bun and some Fat Quarters in my checked bag, along with my favorite basic sewing supplies. But I also placed an order from The Quilted Castle, to be shipped directly to Ta Town so it would be ready and waiting for me to fondle and pet when I get there :-) And we will be shopping - did I mention that? I brought along a flash drive with all my saved sewing projects - mostly tutorials from my blog-hopping - as well as all my recipes for my favorite foods, even my secret pizza recipe and my secret apple pie recipe. APP will pick me up at the airport tonight, but she is off to work tomorrow, so I said I would make my fabulous Lasagna for Sunday dinner. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Oh, and we will be "guest posting" on each others' blogs while I'm there. Look for my tutorial on "Shoop-Shoop Bags" on her blog in the next few days - a very quick and simple project, but you'll be excited about what they can be used for, especially with Christmas coming up - you'll want to make dozens right away to give to your special friends well before Christmas!

Well, I'd better get off this computer and finish the carry-on bag I started last night - nothing like waiting until the last minute! Next stop - Ta Town!


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...
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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Whoop Whoop only 2 1/2 hrs and your in Ta Town.. Me and the Pitty will be there to pick you up.. Pitty now knows and keeps going to the door to go bye bye.. but I had to disappoint her and tell her its a few hours more. I think she is now mad at me.. but what the heck.. the little spoiled thing will get over it ;)
I am so glad your coming to visit!! It's been almost a year~~

gin said...

what a great treat for you two. I will check in every day to see what yall are up to.