Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter Mug Rug Swap

I was in Aunt Pitty Pat's Easter Mug Rug Swap, and here's what I got from my partner, Val! First of all, when I got the box in the mail, and opened the flaps, I was greeted by what struck me as "An Easter Egg Hunt!" because there were all these pretty foil-wrapped chocolate Easter egg candies hiding and rolling around the other items in the box. I thought it was so cute, I had to snap a pic:

And look at the goodies I got! In addition to the Mug Rug, which sported some awesome embroidered eggs, Val sent me a really cute mug. She also added a beautiful metal tag, and we BOTH sent each other a Reese's Carrot Cone - we both thought that was pretty funny! And she very thoughtfully made a hand-stamped card with such a nice note in it. Look at the fabulous crocheted dishcloth she made just for me - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Here's a closeup of the Mug Rug. Thank you soooo much, Val!
Now here's the really funny part - Val used plastic grocery bags to cushion the swap items. Good re-use of grocery bags, right? Well, when I spotted all those plastic bags, I literally yelled "Woo Hoo!!!"  You see, I RELIGIOUSLY use my homemade cloth bags when shopping - not only for groceries, but at the fabric store, Target, the hardware shop...pretty much everywhere I go! All well and good...however then I never have any plastic bags to put "icky" stuff in, like puppy pads (even though the puppies aren't puppies any more - let's not go there...), fishy wrappers/trays, oily stuff - you get the picture. So I was REAL excited about getting all those plastic bags!
Also, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably already know our family is weird (we take pictures of dead coyotes, have a Redneck Newspaper Holder, and there is an incident about a dead rabbit in the middle of the road that I haven't actually blogged about yet...). So you may understand the fascination that abounded when I found not ONE, but TWO receipts still in the bags. One was somewhat boring in that it was for a saladwith LITE dressing (ugh). But the other one had no store name nor did it say what the items were. So we, as a family, sat around the kitchen for WAY too long, conversing about what that receipt MIGHT have been for. Most of the guesses aren't fit for blog-land. Sorry, but that's just our family. Take it or leave it. At any rate, it entertained us for awhile but then again we are easily entertained. So thank you, Val - for the gifts that were "intended" and also for the ones that weren't, LOL!


Val said...

You are so welcome. I have posted about our gifts too. Now you need to show your followers what you gave me! Now that is something to see. Well they can all come and visit my blog and see. I am still just amazed at what all you sent me. Thank you so much! It was so fun!

Cathy said...

Great swap wasn't it? I had a grand old time. I really enjoyed your story on the receipt entertainment. It sounds like something I would do because I too am easily entertained. Have a Happy Week!