Monday, January 9, 2012

Block & Roll

It seems, with the New Year, I wanna be a "joiner." Not just in swaps - and I've already signed up for one of those. But also for sew-alongs and BOMs. Although, I am NOT going to bee signing up for bees, LOL! Well, at least not yet ;-)

I found the Craftsy Block of the Month, bookmarked it, pondered, lurked, and pondered some more. Then a friend on Facebook put herself out there and asked if anyone else was going to participate. That's all it took. I signed up and committed myself (not to be confused with commitING myself, which may be NEXT!).

So I dove right in and last night I whipped up the first two blocks - Asterisk and Wonky Pound Sign. I sat through the video even though it was a bit slow for me, but yet, I learned a few things, so I'm glad I did! I had a FQ bundle handy, so I chose 3 FQs. They used Kona Snow for all the background - about 2 yards, they said. I didn't have 2 yards of Kona anything handy, but there were 2 FQs of white-on-white in the FQ bundle, so rather than wait, I used one of those. I'm going to have to fill in with other background fabrics as I go, but that may just make it more interesting. As least that's what I'm telling myself.

Here are the first two blocks. Of course that's Asterisk on the left and Wonky Pound Sign on the right. My Wonky is not quite as wonky as it should be but I'm happy with it.

Then I noticed there was a video for February. Oh goodee! I was really in the mood and thought well, I could just whip that one out too and I'd be ahead of the game! No matter that the video was only 19 seconds long - that should have been my first clue. I tried to ignore that and clicked on Play. Here's what I got:

Har Dee Har Har, I say...well, Crafsy, ya got me, and I deserved that. Tail between my legs, I'll slink away and wait til February. At least they LOVE me :-) It's nice to be LOVED :-)

Now that the two January blocks were done...oh and let me explain that, well I'm guessing anyways...two in January and then one each the rest of the year through November, leaving December Ok I sat through the first few minutes again and it's TWO BLOCKS per month for a total of 20 and then sashing, binding, quilting, etc. So now, I "know" me...and I "know" I'd be lucky to remember the first of each month to go find the block, let alone remember where I stashed the previous blocks! One might be on my cutting table...and another in that tub-o-fabric in the dining room...another mixed in with the new shipment I got from Burgundy Buttons or Fat Quarter Shop. So I pondered how can I make sure I wind up with a pile of blocks come I decided to make a "block roll." I had eyed another block I wanted to make, so I grabbed a few chunks of fabric and went for it. I made a 12" block, then added some frames and scraps to it to measure about 15" x 18" - making it a couple inches wider, and several inches longer than the 12 1/2" Craftsy blocks. I added a layer of cotton batting and backed it with flannel, then added ties to one end.
The idea is to stack the blocks as they are finished in the roll...

roll it up...
and tie closed.

Until the next month. I'm being patient. Really I am. Ok, maybe not so patient. But apparently I have no choice because Craftsy SAYS I have no choice :-)  So now don't YOU want to join in the Craftsy BOM?


Crazy Amy said...

ok how do you do it? I mean you made a quilted keeper for your BOMs? i need some of whatever you're drinking to do all that so fast! they're really pretty Nadine!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Wow what a great idea.. I love the roll its so useful :O) Thanks for sharing and I love the blocks..

Missy Shay said...

That is a great idea!

Cathy said...

Girl you are amazing!

Shawnee H said...

I love that video when you tried to sneak ahead. Fun humor. And only you would quilt something amazing to keep your work in. Fun!