Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Grocery Bag Dispensers

Here are six grocery bag dispensers I made. They are based on the Moda Bake Shop pattern, and at first, I made them just like the instructions. But of course, I just HAVE to make things a bit more complicated, and I decided I wanted some white lattice between the squares. Which of course meant I had to do MATH...ugh. But I managed, and I like the looks of the ones with the lattice. These are 4 1/2" squares, with 1" lattice in between, rather than the 5" charm squares with no lattice. For left-to-right, I put lattice/square/lattice/square/lattice/square/lattice/square...stop and do not put lattice on the right side. Repeat for top to bottom, although do include the lattice on both ends. Add the folded pieces for the elastic casings and proceed as normal.

Now, I have to point family had a few things to say about these bags. My hubby, in particular, used the "vintage" word yesterday. Huh? What's vintage about them? He smirked and said vintage, antique, outdated...and these bags are outdated because more and more cities are instituting bans on plastic grocery bags. Yup. He's right. We live about 45 minutes south of Seattle, the most recent Washington city to ban the bags.

I use my own cloth bags for grocery (and other) shopping almost exclusively. But still, a few plastic bags do manage to find their way home with me. And even in the cities where bags are banned, there are some exclusions, so plastic bags are not going away completely. People definitely have strong feelings on both sides of the bag bans, and I won't get into that here...I love to use my cloth bags, but realize there will always be a few of them roaming around.

So here are six more that I've made recently...those of you who commented on my previous post will receive an email from me tomorrow morning and you'll have a chance to choose one, if you so desire.


Crabtastic! UPDATE: The giveaway winner has chosen this bag :-)

Lavendar, Green, Blue

Red Raspberries, Blue Blueberries, and White

Pink, Blue

Kitchen, Pink, Aqua, Red, and White


Regena said...

I know my first choose ....c'mon my turn!

Denise said...

Love them all, but if I still get 1st choice then I would like the Crabtastic one! Love it!

Yarni Gras! said...

these are terrific, Nadine!

Melinda Cornish said...

utah is the most ungreen state I have ever lived in...they could use those grocery bag dispensers. plastic all over the place.

Regena said...

Got mine!!! stuffing bags in it as we type!!!