Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And...the Winners Are......

I'm declaring the winner(s) of my name-the-necklace contest now. I appreciated all your wonderful ideas - they were sooooo much more creative than I could ever have come up with! I want to say that I loved "Beads of the Vine" and "Beads on the Vine." The runner up is "Grapes and Glass." But I have to tell you that my favorite is.....hold on to your horses...."Weads." Yes, Val - I know you meant it in jest. But it is my favorite! It's quirky, like me! It is absolutely inspirational! And so...it is the new name of my necklaces! I can see a lazy, scrolly, sprawling signature - "Weads." To thank ALL of you for your encouragement, I am going to send each and every one of you who suggested a name or provided inspiration, a custom-made necklace. I'll be contacting ALL 8 of you, either by e-mail if I know your addy, or on your blog. Thanks again for visiting my blog, and helping me name my jewelry!


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

congrats Val on your funny quirky name :)
Thank you Nadine for thinking of all of us ;)

Yarni Gras! said...


I am so excited! I admit, I like quirky names too... (consider my blog, for instance.)
This certainly made my day.....it wasn't a very good one with the car situation, but you just made it better. I have a giant smile on my face! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!