Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Gallons of Milk...

Oh my goodness....the Pacific Northwest has been "blessed" (right...) with some "weather." First we had a ton of snow. Then we had torrential rains and flooding. I am sooooo hoping that we are a bit done with all that exciting stuff...and some plain old, boring weather is on the horizon. Our rural county road has some washed-away parts, but mostly our driveway has some horrendous ruts which my son will be fixing with the tractor/back blade come Spring. It interfered with some UPS deliveries for Christmas, but I am happy to annouce that my Amy Butler fabric arrived on time (thank you!).

This weekend I plan to post some nice, fabric, crafty posts. But for tonight....I just have to tell you about this. So...I stopped at Safeway last night (Thursday). I seriously needed some groceries because a) we had tons of snow, and b) my car was broke but now it's fixed. We were eating weird stuff out of the freezer and pantry. So I quick-like bought some food. I got ONE GALLON OF MILK. ONE GALLON. NOT TWO. But somehow when I got to the car, I had TWO GALLONS. I didn't buy two gallons...but I GOT two gallons. I don't know how that happened. But the important thing is...even before I got home, I knew that we didn't have power. Darn. I hate it when we don't have power because we are rural and I never know when we'll actually get it back, but it's never "first." So I bought just what we needed. Except, and I must reiterate this...I got ONLY ONE GALLON OF MILK. Well....I really didn't have room in the fridge for two gallons. And with the power out, I just didn't want to try to make room for the second (unwanted) gallon. So I put it on the deck for the was COLD, after all. Here is what we found on the deck on Friday morning.....what do you make of this?
Now...that "red stuff" is blood. Coagulated blood. Ugh. I pondered what that blood could be from. Raccoons. Coyotes. Then I felt bad because whomever it was, they were obviously hungry. They chewed off the top of the milk jug to get to the milk. In the process, they got bloodied. Obviously, we aren't going to partake of that gallon o' milk. However, Miss Piggy thinks it's just a vessel for her very long you can see here:

That, plus the dead coyote we have by the side of the driveway (that's been there since January 1), lets you know we are RURAL dwellers. 'Nuff said, I think.....tomorrow, I shall post "nice" things :-)

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