Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog Award

Today, Glenna at Your Fabric Place posted on my blog telling me I had been tagged and given a blog award.The award states that you give 10 facts about yourself and “tag” 10 fellow bloggers. Thank you, Glenna! Awards are awesome :-) Here are 10 facts about myself, ready or not!
  1. I was "in the Hippies" in the late 60s/early 70s! I went to rock festivals and lived in a commune! I wasn't all that successful because I actually had a job, and didn't much care for "weed." (However...there was that one trip to Mt. Rainier in my lime-green AMC Javelin where we took pictures of the mountain and they didn't look QUITE like we thought they should have when the pics were developed, LOL!)
  2. My entire family has tattoos.
  3. I am the World's Greatest "Work" Cheerleader! I want whatever organization I work for to succeed.
  4. I love stupid things like putting "back in order" a gazillion pieces of whatever that have somehow come "out of order" like a stack of paper that falls on the floor.
  5. I have an overwhelming need to fold towels: down, in half, and over, in thirds, and then in half.
  6. I have fabric. Uh....I mean...I have FABRIC. You will NEVER know the extent to which I have fabric. Some people think "having fabric" means 50 pieces. Hah! I have THOUSANDS......and one point, I had two (scratch that, I mean THREE) houses full.....ok....I just can't explain this any further....
  7. I hate housework - enough said.
  8. I just wrote a company that makes liquid measuring cups about the sucky measuring cups they make. I mean, really! The concept is great (flexible, narrow), but the L-I-N-E that I need to fill it to...I can't SEE when the ingredients are actually IN THE CUP!
  9. Uh....I have a great deal of tolerance...but NOT when people are stupid (see # 8 above)
  10. Wow! I'm up to #10. The pressure, the pressure! I guess I would have to say....I have 200 pair of shoes and can't wear most of them because I'm too darned old and will fall down if I wear those spike heels.....cain't wear them...cain't get rid of them! far as passing this along to 10 more bloggers.....I can't I am leaving that up to you :-) If you would like to continue this, please do so...I'm having a glass of wine and going to bed because today has been both rewarding (think: cheerleader) and exhausting (think: THOUSANDS OF PIECES of fabric and HOUSEWORK).


AwtemNymf said...

Hey- I fold my towels the SAME way! I'll take your fabric if you ever wanna destash! I don't have thousands, but I thought I had a lot! Hahahas!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

LOL Nymf... Nanny Nanny poo can't have it >> sticks tongue out at Nymf :-}}}}}} Ms bringing an empty suit case just for fabrics.. so she better put something in that empty suitcase on the trip out :) No since in bringing it empty... Oh yeah... she could also bring some of those really really yummy Seattle Chocolates ;) And just maybe a Yummy Yummy taco :) LOL I am such a fabric, and Chocolate junkie!!!!