Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now THIS Is An Apron! (He Says.....)

My hubby has been working in the shop today. Earlier, I had been taking pictures of the latest apron I received (in the post below this one)...he comes strolling in and says "Now THIS is an apron!" Ummmmm...that's true, and I DID make the apron (years ago)...but I wouldn't want to use it in the kitchen, LOL! I was trying to get Miss Piggy in the picture, but she wasn't cooperating - all I could get was her butt and curly tail!
She was too busy eating blackberries, since they are really ripe and falling off the canes...need to get out there and pick some to make a pie!
But, I think I shall wear one of MY aprons when I make that pie, thank you very much!
Speaking of butt...he wanted to make sure I snapped a picture of the back, since it has the nice cross-ties. You can tell it's been used, but since he's a guy, I'm sure he won't think he needs a new one for another 20 years or so!

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AwtemNymf said...

Thanks for the compliments you left me {HUGS}. I loved how you used grommets for the "guy" apron! Genius! And what a cutie Ms. Piggy is. I didn't know they could eat blackberries. It doesn't upset her stomach? You'll have to make pie - *singing the song Andie McDowell song" I Love Pie! :O) Have a piece for me!