Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Christmas Cheer

Every year in November and December, our office has a Charity Drive. We do lots of different things like collect toys for the annual Olympia Toy Run, where motorcyclists of all ages gather to brighten the lives of children at Christmas by making sure they receive a toy. We also collect non-perishable food for the local food banks and adopt a needy Christmas family. Here's my wonderful coworker, Joanne, who has been coordinating this effort for our office for many years. She's got lots of good ideas and really knows how to squeeze the most out of every penney or item we donate.

This year, the Salvation Army asked if we could adopt a large family - mom and seven children. Of course we said "Sure, we can!" Joanne made a colorful poster with tags for mom and the kids for clothing, shoes, and gifts. We were asked to take a tag and provide the gift written on the tag. I chose the tag that said "Stocking Stuffers for the Family." I had so much fun putting together what I hope will be a little cheer for all 8 family members.

I made everyone a key chain and attached a mini-flashlight. I also included a larger flashlight. The guys got yet another flashlight - one like a miner would wear around their head. Flashlights are really big at our house at Christmas...the smaller, or larger, the better. Cabella's has a great one that's almost like one of those big searchlights! The guys' keychains were made of camo fabric.

For the mom and 3 girls, I got Bath & Body Works gift sets of shower gel and lotion, and I made them small pouches to keep little treasures in. The girls' key chains, pouches, and the ties on the gift sets all match and are from the Picadilly collection by Pamela Mostek.

Here's a closeup of the little purse-pouches - there are three individual pockets, and the pattern is called "Little Wallet" by Valori Wells Designs. These are $3 "Sewing Cards" that are a creative and inexpensive little gift for any sewist:

Everyone also got a big bag of assorted Christmas mini-candy bars, and a bag of nuts in the shell (mom also got a nutcracker set to share). I made fat quarter bags to stow everything in, and put their names on them. So much fun to put together! We'll be delivering everything a few days before Christmas, and hopefully will make their holidays a bit more festive and fun.

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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful items that you made with us. The little fat qt bags were awesome. Love the little wallets they turned out so nice... great idea to adopt a family at an office.. that way everyone can pitch in on the fun ;)