Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Apple Dodge"

When you reside in the Big City, you have your theater events, art gallery openings, celebrity cocktail parties, etc. When ya live in the country, ya gotta make your own fun. Every year, we eagerly look forward to a few weeks of what we call "Apple Dodge" on Apple Valley Road.
There's an apple tree that hangs over the road. Most of the apples had fallen off by the time I remembered to bring the camera, but you get the idea.

So...here's how the game is played: The apples fall off the tree and some fall onto the road.
Car comes up or down the road. Car tries to squash the apple. The "dodge" part of the game is where the apple is supposed to dodge the car. Ok, maybe it's not exactly sporting, but a lot of the apples DO wind up in the ditch, unsquashed, so at least they have a fighting chance :-)

Success! Adam's GF, Katie, scored a point - her third this week, I think!

I'm quite sure some of these older "hits" are mine :-)

Here are the clever little apples who managed to dodge the cars - unharmed in the ditch!

So there you have it - New York City's got nothin' on us! Sadly, "Apple Dodge" is almost over for this year. The next exciting activity is "Leaf Scatter," followed by "Can We Make It Up the Last Part of the Long, Steep Hill?" during snow season - extra points for drive-by laughing at the cars who didn't.

Disclaimer: Apples WERE harmed in the making of this blog post however, these apples are sour and wormy and only the crows eat them, so it's not like actual food was wasted.


Amy said...

I really thought the game would be you run down the road and try to dodge the falling apples! I bet it smells nice there.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You'd have to dodge me if I lived there, I'd be picking them up real fast!!! lol

Cathy said...

I play dodge the holes in the road every morning as I come to work. And because I arrive at work before dawn it makes it more interesting. It takes so little to entertain me.

CSM Arts Inco..... said...