Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Working on a quilt I'm going to name "Coffee Dreams" for Ben and Autumn.  Now, I'll drink brewed dirty socks, but Ben and Autumn TRULY LOVE good coffee! I think they would bathe in it if it weren't so expensive. They have practically developed a personal relationship with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, and Ben has even taken their coffee course as part of his new job working for a food service company, ARAMARK, at The Evergreen State College. So it was fate that we discovered some great coffee-themed fabrics for this quilt! I have to admit they picked out some of the fabrics at least a year ago, but I'm just now getting going on it. In my defense, I have been able to find some more terrific fabrics for it in that time. Yeah. That's my excuse for procrastinating. More fabric. Uh huh. You understand, don't you? :-) Yes, I thought so!

I am using primarly the coffee motif fabrics I was able to find, but a few blocks will just be various coffee prints. I really don't have a plan, other than I'm thinking I'll need 30 blocks. I cut a bunch of different width strips and just jumped in. Here are a few of the blocks I've completed. So grabba cuppa and see what I've done :-)

Recently, I asked everyone to start working on their Christmas lists...all Ben seems to want is an espresso machine. Boy, am I sorry I asked! Those suckers are expensive! I'm thinking just getting the quilt done in time for Christmas *should* be enough ;-)  


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You had me at coffee!! Love it!!

Cathy said...

Poor Ben He only asked for one thing and his mommie is being a Grinch. And he shares his wife with you during the pickle making process and everything. No, really I love the coffee quilt. And I too will drink dirty socks as long as I have plenty of sweetener and half and half I appreciate you sharing the pics.

Crazy Amy said...

that quilt is so awesome it gives me the coffee jitters! love the colors in the fabrics you are using.