Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Beer Bag"

Once in awhile, hubby will actually ASK me to SEW something for him - or for one of his "mall wives" - the ladies he mall-walks with every morning - we call them his mall wives,  heehee...and I'm more than happy to let them have him 5 mornings a week (keeps him out of my hair).

Anyways, a couple days ago, he asked me to make a small bag to carry a couple cans of beer from the house up to the shop, where he goes to "putter" which actually means he puts on his "shop apron," drinks beer, listens to music, and stares at his tools. Ok, I'm not really sure about the tool-staring; he might just be staring off into space. He'd been using a plastic grocery bag to transport his beer, but apparently he was tired of that. I perked right up and said "Oh! I've even got some 'beer' fabric in my stash in the basement! I'll go find it!" Fortunately, I found it in the third tub I looked in, and then found some "peanut" fabric for the handles, and a nice, gold solid for the lining.

He knew which pattern he wanted as well - the Small size Grocery Bag pattern from Michelle Patterns (formerly Keyka Lou). In addition to the Large size versions, I'd made several of the Small, in various "animal" fabrics, specifically to use for packages of meats...my grocery store seems hell-bent on using plastic for at least SOMEthing in my shopping cart, even though I bring lots of cloth bags. So I made these specialized bags for meat items, and now I've got most of them "trained" to  use them as designed. This way, the meat packages aren't coming in contact with the rest of my groceries, but I don't wind up with plastic I have to reuse, recycle, or - horrors! - throw away! I've got bags made of cow fabric, seafood fabric, chicken fabric, etc. although I have had to use an occasional chicken bag for pork, etc.....ah well...nothing's perfect ;-)

Having found the beer fabric, I made short work of cutting and sewing and soon presented him with his new Beer Bag! Of course, I had to put a couple cans inside for pictures. Off to the shop he went, with his Beer Bag and some ice-cold brews.

I added a hanging loop so he can hang it on the fridge between uses.

With beer!


Yarni Gras! said...

I don't know which I like better, the story or the bag.....staring at his tools...hysterical! My MIL used to tell me the Dean and his dad used to go "aggressive hiking" (because they never shot anything while hunting!) hahaha! have a great day, that bag is AWESOME!

Melinda Cornish said...

that is so sweet he asked you to make it and what a compliment.....it looks great. I love the staring at tools part...makes me laugh.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a wonderful thing.. I just love it when one of the guys in my family ask me to make them something... Doesn't that make your little heart go pitter pat?? Love it.. your so sweet.. Mr T is a lucky man :O)