Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snakes In A Can!

Warning: Scary Post for Snake-A-Phobes ;-)

When I saw this tutorial for Tin Can Carrier on Sew, Mama, Sew!, I knew I just HAD to make it! Luckily, I have a friend with a 2-year old grandaughter (she turns 2 next week) that I can lavish my sewingness on :-)

I even had the same fabric to use! Since the project uses a large pineapple juice can, I figured I would have to get some rum or something to help use up the juice, although it's still just in my fridge for now - really got to get on that soon!

This project was extremely easy to make. I'm not sure how long it took, but it felt like I was done almost before I started. The only departures I made from the tutorial were to use different fabric (from the same line) for the handles and the circle covering the bottom of the can, and using a needle and thread to gather the bottom, rather than just taping the folds - I think this made the gathering more even, producing a cleaner finish. I also bought one of those "uncrimping" can openers to remove the lid, so there would be no sharp edges to hurt precious little fingers.

Check out these cute jars of bugs!

I also made two snakes to go with the can - also using more fabrics from the line. They are cute and silly and just perfect for little hands, and I was glad the author included the directions for them.

You just never know how the fruits of your sewing labors are going to be received, especially when it comes to kids! But when I gave my little friend, Abby, her gift-for-no-reason yesterday at lunch, she did exactly what I had hoped she would. She's getting pretty good at opening gifts, but then doesn't always know quite what to do after that. But with a little coaxing by me and her grandma, she stuck her little hand in the can and pulled out a...SNAKE! Grandma told her there was something more in the can, so she stuck her hand in again and pulled out...ANOTHER SNAKE! 

Clutching a snake in each hand, she giggled and grinned. Then she pushed one snake back into the can, followed by the other. Into the can went her little hand and pulled them out again, one by one. Back into the can, and back out - over and over. Then she started teasing us with the snakes, like they were striking and biting. She even stuck a snake under her momma's upstretched arm and said "Tickle!" She continued to play "Snakes In A Can!" all through lunch and then happily left the restaurant, can in hand, after having stuffed a couple other little things in it along with the snakes. 

Now who else has a little kid who wants a tin can carrier o' snakes? I'll have to buy more juice, and then of course, more rum....but I think I can make the sacrifice ;-)