Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Tote Swap - I Hit the Jackpot!

I signed up for Aunt Pitty Pat's Halloween Tote Swap, and I got the MOST WONDERMOUS partner, Lanette! OMG did she spoil me! I was babbling for days...actually, I Friended her on Facebook, and then proceeded to FB-stalk her, LOL! I sent her Message after Message going on and on about how fabulous the package she sent me was :-)  So let's dive right's the tote itself! Look at that cute fabric, and of course, the polka-dot lining is PERFECT!
I immediately started using this for a purse, and I've received MANY compliments!

But the tote itself was FILLED TO THE BRIM with GOODIES! I've never seen so many goodies in my life, all in one package! I rushed to take pictures before I ripped into them, and every one I opened, I squealed in delight!

First of all, besides the awesome tote, she made this beautiful table runner. I love the autumn colors and it will look soooo nice for Thanksgiving dinner - I can't wait! I love the big buttons that accent it so perfectly.
Love these colors!

She sent not just the two FQs that were required...she sent THREE, plus a surprise, creatively wrapped in a FOURTH!
Lanette is a rubber-stamper, too, so her gifties had some awesomely cute tags!

A beautiful Charm Pack! I love love love it! What to make with it? Hmmm....whatever I use it for, it will be gorgeous :-)
So beautiful!

And just look at all the sewing goodies! Oh my! Thread, pins, needles, floss, pumpkin buttons, and the most adorable little six-inch squares, all folded and rolled and tied with tiny ribbons - I really didn't want to unroll them...but I did, heehee...
Have you ever seen so many sewing goodies?

Oh, and lookee see - MORE buttons...and ribbons! I LOVE buttons!
I was literally drooling over that bag-0-buttons :-)

Candy! Yum! I dove right into the popcorn loves me some popcorn balls!
And I also love anything Russell Stover
She also sent the cutest card she had made, but I was having trouble getting it to photograph'll have to take my word for it - it was fabulous! Thank you soooo much, Lanette! I'm still in awe of such a wonderful, generous, beautiful swap package. You have so much heart and talent! I can only hope we may be partners in a future swap :-)


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Beautiful bag.. are you sure those buttons were for you Nadine and not for me??? You know how I need buttons :O) I love you bag its awesome.. and the table runner.. lovely... I love home made popcorn balls but this one looks yummy!!

Melisa Marzett said...

I want the same one. Just wondering what type of the fabric do you use? You have so much heart and talent! I can only hope we may be partners in a future swap:-) I find this post cognitive! Our cheap essay writing service is very thankful for such a big help!