Monday, October 15, 2012

I've Been Missing...

Ugh. It's been sooo long since I've blogged! I'm blaming my vacations...a week's "staycation," followed almost immediately by three weeks in Kansas to visit my friend Aunt Pitty Pat. Well, I've got to have SOMEthing to blame my lack of posts on, right?

So let me jump right back in by throwing out a few pics...

First off, I've neglected to post a swap I received...this was Sue's Christmas In July swap over at Country Pleasures. My partner was Sonia, and look what she sent me! I love the darling shelf-sitter, and potholder...but my favorite item was the "tree" FQ set! I just can't bring myself to take it apart! Might have to make some of these myself, for future swaps. Thank you soooo much, Sonia!

And here's what I sent Sonia...thanks, Sue, for hosting this fun swap!

Next wonderful son, Ben, and beautiful daughter-in-law, Autumn, are PREGNANT! Yippee! I found this out just two days before leaving for Kansas back in September! So of course, I had to make a little something-something while I was gone...just for baby :-) Since it's very early and we don't know the sex, I went with some orange and green fabrics, with some black and white thrown in. I found some pretty fabrics in Kansas at Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton - one of my favorite shops to visit while I'm in Kansas.

I finished the quilt sandwich before heading back home, and actually sewed the binding on while flying and waiting in airports. I got many lovely compliments from fellow travelers!
And I used up scraps for the back of the quilt...

Autumn has started to "fluff" up a little bit, and her pants have become they asked if I could experiment on a pair of her old jeans to convert them to maternity pants. I found it to be very much easier than I I'm thinking I'll be doing some more conversions for her as time goes by. are the blocks I made for Aunt Pitty Pat's Halloween Quilt Block Swap. I got these completed while I was visiting her. I had intended to make something a bit simpler...but she's quite the whip-cracker (in a nice way), and she insisted I make this block after I showed it to her in the current issue of Quilts and More did turn out nice, I have to say ;-)

 And here's me and Aunt Pitty Pat and Pitty Pat in the airport when I was getting ready to leave for home...she was very sad to see me go...partly because I was chief-cook-and-bottle-washer while I was there, taking care of her after she had some surgery on her neck/spine. Aww...I was glad to help her out :-)

I'll post some more pics of my visit to Oz and some of the things I/we made while I was there soon!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Happy swappers warm my heart!!! Love the goodies sent and recieved!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Awe... Yes it was nice to have My very good friend stay and take care of me. I love Nadine like a sister.. and it was so nice of her to come and stay with me while I was recovering from my surgery. LOL she says I am the whip cracker.. but she had me out moving around all over the place right after my surgery. We did not sit a moment... go go go lol.
I Hope Nadine had a good time even though I was laid up. We did do a few fun things... like shopping for Fabric.. it was number one on our the list. We did dine out at some of her favorite places too.
Note to Nadine.. the baby quilt turned out awesome.. I love it!!!

Melisa Marzett said...

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