Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gifts Slowly Getting Made/Wrapped

Why do I always procrastinate? Seems like I just can't get anything done unless it's down to the wire! So here are a couple of things I've made and/or wrapped in the last few days...

For a friend: I made a scarf using the Heather Ross Nursery Versery Itsy Bitsy Spider. I think this is just way too cute. I combined it with lots of black, grey, and yellow from my stash. Here's a closeup of the verse we all know and love from our childhoods.

Here's the scarf, backed with Sew Comfy in yellow. There was a 50% off sale on Sew Comfy at JoAnne's, so I stocked up on colors I didn't already have. I also made a Shoop-Shoop bag to match.
To wrap it all up, I made a small matching tote.
And dressed it up with a ribbon/fabric/bead doo-dad. See the little spider buttons I added to the tote? I got them on sale at JoAnn's in a huge bag with various sizes of spiders, skulls, and bats and there were so many, I even shared some with Aunt Pitty Pat! I sure hope the recipient isn't afraid of spiders!

A close-up of the doo-dad.

Now, how many gifts do I have left to wrap????