Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm The Super Mom!!!

Apparently, my kids think I can DO...ANYTHING... Well, and, truth-be-told, I guess I can. Number 2 son, Adam, texted me at exactly 4:03 p.m.TONIGHT! And...he attached a pic and said "Can you make me this shirt by 6:00 p.m.?" 

Now, what was I going to say? No? Mom never says no! Madly, I I have something suitable? What? Felt? Yes! Fusible stuff? Yes! I can do it!

I had the picture to go by, so what's not to do? While Adam shopped for a sweatshirt, I grabbed felt in off-white (dirty snowman!), red, black, orange, and green. Fusible web. Stuffing (for the snowman balls - did I say balls?). A bit o' ribbon. Plates! 3 sizes! Plus a spice jar lid, and a lemon juice lid...basically I just ran around the house like a mad woman, grabbing things to trace and fuse.

I fused and cut the head and two body pieces, mouth, eyes, hat. Conjured up a nose. Forget about the hands and feet! This snowman doesn't have hands and feet! Sorry!

All in all, I think it came together well. Although when he finally showed up with the sweatshirt, he wanted black tummy problem, I cut-and-fused some quick-as-a-wink! He made me promise not to post the end result on Facebook until HE had posted some...but he didn't say anything about my blog ;-)


Heather said...

Hey Nadine! Well done, but I'm not showing my son as he will want one as well.I like it!!LOL.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Dear Nadine....
LOL the little hanging balls must be a man thing.. you see trucks here in Ta Town with balls hanging off the bumper. Is it advertizement to the size of their personal parts??? I don't get it?? Please explain :O)_

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Oh by the way great job of it.... ;O)

Crazy Amy said...

hahaha! Oh Nadine! You could make a fortune selling those! love it!