Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Carbage" Bag and Organizer, Part Two

My son Adam's girlfriend, Lisa, asked me to make a couple of organizers for her car for a trip they were taking. You can see the "carbage" bag I made in the previous post. This was the other pattern she picked out, and it was a bit more complicated, but I spent only one day cutting out, and one day plus about an hour this morning on the sewing/finishing. So all in all, that's not bad.
Here's the organizer view from one side. Includes a large pocket and pencil pocket.
Again, I used the Kate Spain Park Central for Moda fabrics I already had in my stash. The Craft Apple The Car Organizer pattern: called for just two fabrics, but I do like to really mix it up, so I used LOTS! The pattern has full-sized patterns for all pieces, as well as dimensions if you chose to rotary-cut without the paper pattern pieces. They had alternate layout instructions for one-way fabrics, but not for the interior pieces, so my trees wound up laying on their sides. Oh least their shipping was fast-fast-fast, since this is not an instant-gratification pdf pattern :-)

This pattern called for Pellon SF101 interfacing and either Peltex 71F or htc Flexi-Firm stabilizer. I did some research and lots of people actually recommend Decor Bond 520, however my JoAnn's didn't have the Decor Bond, so I went with the Peltex. It worked quite well. This bag is extra-sturdy, since several of the stablizer inserts are doubled.
End showing seat belt flap, closed.
And the seat belt flap, open.

Here's the interior. There's a large and a small compartment.


On either side of the large compartment, there are D-Rings on ribbons.


The D-Rings swing up over the sides and hold the handles of a plastic grocery bag for trash, if desired. Or you can skip the bag and just use the compartment for whatever you wish.


Pocket for pens/pencils and other small items.
Lisa's niece has already placed her stamp of approval on the first bag I made...wait til she sees THIS one!

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Heather said...

I love this sturdy organizer and the fabrics you chose are beautiful. I need to make a couple of these for my craft room and car! Well done!