Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Gift...Half Wrapped...Sneak Peek!

Well, I have to admit that last year, I wrapped my first present on December 22...I'm trying to change my ways this year! I have my first present ALMOST wrapped...and it's only November 30! It's amazing that I even already have a present purchased!

I have the gift bubble-wrapped and carefully packed into a box. Haven't got the gift wrap on the box yet though.'re thinking "If she hasn't even got the gift wrap on the box, how can she say the gift is ALMOST wrapped?" Well, now you have to understand my definition of "wrapped." I admit that decades ago, my idea of wrapping was sometimes to give the recipient the gift in the store bag it came in, LOL! My how times have changed...(also notice how "wrapped" is very close to "warped").

I forgot to take a picture of the gift, but it's one of those hand-dipped and carved candles and looks a lot like this:

So, to go with the lovely blue and white candle, I made this lovely blue and white table runner/candle mat/gift wrap. The fabric is Timeless Treasures and has beautiful metallic accents. I partnered it with some deep navy batik polka dot which I thinks makes it really pop. I used disappearing nine-patch, bias strips, straight strips, and of course, I had to toss in just a tiny bit of selvage :-)

Just for good measure, I added some hot-fix rhinestones and nailstuds - my latest addiction. The runner buttons perfectly around the box (well, it will when I get the box wrapped!) and becomes part of the wrap - a "double-gift."

I used narrow hair ties for the loops - after discovering this use for hair ties, I went crazy buying them in every color and size I could find!

Here's a closeup of some of the "bling"...and I'll post a picture of the REALLY wrapped gift when it's REALLY finished :-)


AwtemNymf said...

Pretty candles and sweet table runner/mat!

Mama King said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Aren't you lucky to have such a crafty mama. I guess I can see that her craftiness rubbed off on you! What a beautiful table runner! I am off to see what other beautiful creations you have made.

Tulsi said...

You always have such cute ideas. I'm trying to get back into sewing now that my granddaughter is older.