Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maria B. - A Very Generous Swapper

I'm a bit late in posting on this, since it's about a Halloween Swap, but being the disorganzied person I am, I had trouble getting all three blocks that I'm going to show you in the same room, at the same time! Some of you know that I spent 24 days in Kansas in October, visiting my dear friend, Aunt Pitty Pat, and the lovely Pitty Pat. During that time, we not only sewed, shopped, and cooked (OK, I did most of the cooking)...but we also organized various swaps that came in. I even got to "pinch-hit" for one of the block swaps (and I'll try to post pics of those later). I never knew that sorting and distributing all the blocks for a swap was such a time-consuming (and sometimes confusing) process! Phew! APP and I cut, sewed, and appliqued her blocks - I love to "square-up" blocks, so I did a lot of that, in addition to almost all the pressing, while she appliqued her heart away :-)

But, I digress....what THIS post is about is a VERY sweet lady. Maria B. from Canada knew I was visiting APP. And what did she do? When she sent her blocks for the swap, she included...not ONE...not TWO...but THREE blocks just for me! Now, I wasn't in this particular swap because I had far too much to do, getting ready for vacation! So, these beautiful blocks were pure "gravy" for me!

I absolutely LURV this Frankie block! Her colors are soooo modern and pretty together. The picture doesn't begin to do justice...
And this one has such a nice applique on it, and I love the block fabric:
This Wonky Block is terrific - please excuse the fuzzy pic:
Thank you SO  MUCH, Maria! That was extremely thoughtful to include me! I was drooling over all the blocks that kept coming in and wishing I had joined the swap - your precious gifts made me feel like I was part of the swap anyways :-) 

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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I am always thrilled at the awesome blocks that come with Ms Maria's swaps. She always does such an awesome job... Thanks Maria for including Nadine :)