Thursday, February 10, 2011

Move Over, Malibu Barbie..."Post-It Note Ken" is Here!

Some Spring cleaning in February rooted out some mysterious finds, the most bizarre of which was a small blue plastic tub in the bottom of a closet. It held miscellaneous small toys that my mom (gone 13 years now) “collected” (think: treasures dropped by crying children in the Safeway parking lot) for those odd times when she was visited by guests with small children needing to be occupied in hopes they wouldn’t prey upon her coveted Lenox figurines while the adults drank tea out of Royal Albert china cups and saucers and ate frozen Christmas cookies in July, pulled from the freezer for just such occasions.

We went through the tub, pulling out a mish-mash of Legos and Duplos, My Pretty Pony and Polly Pocket accessories, a gaudy plastic necklace, and two wild-haired, naked Barbies. Ok, one of them wasn’t quite naked, but scantily-clad (or entangled) in an iridescent, floofy boa – where’s a stripper pole when you need one? And then….at the very bottom...was what we instantly dubbed “Post-It Note Ken.”
Ken's (non-existent) man parts were swathed in bright green 3x3s, his left arm raised in what must be "The Post-It Note Salute." One can only wonder who felt compelled to dress him - armpit-to-crotch - in sticky notes, and more importantly, WHY?
One final word, Ken - Stay outta those tanning booths!


Cathy said...

LOL!!! I am laughing so hard, I'm crying!! :0) Too funny!!! It amazing what we live amongst and don't even know it ...
Anything about "Ken doll" is instantly a funny around here as I live with my own Ken - lol!!! :)
Have a great day!

A Dixie Girls Delights said...

the lime green accents his way too tanliness lol isnt it amazing what ya find while cleaning out your closet. I found a box from my childhood like this last week in the attic those poor barbies were decked out in some of the weirdest stuff lol

gin said...


Yarni Gras! said...

oh my GOSH, post it note Ken ROCKS....thank you oh thank you for the giggle!