Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tiny Beads - Big Impact!

My hubby "mall walks" every weekday morning, and he has made a lot of friends since he started seven years ago. They do get lots of healthy exercise...but after about four trips 'round the mall, they sit at tables in the food court and drink coffee, "critique" the shoppers passing by, and tell each other really bad jokes. They know the details about every store moving in or out, and even help the mall staff by pointing out hazards observed while on their morning trek. They even have "assigned seating" - they've been occupying the same places at the tables for so long that no one better sit in someone else's usual spot, or there'll be heck to pay, LOL! On Wednesday, one of his mall-walking friends, June, brought in these earrings she made for him to bring home to ME! How lucky am I!!!

Now, it's hard to tell from the picture, but June uses the TEENIEST, TINIEST beads to make these earrings! I can barely see them, let alone imagine how hard it would be to make something with them! My hat's off to her and what must be her Superman-like vision! They are just so adorable, and when hubby brought them home, I immediately put them on and trotted out the door to have lunch with friends and got several really nice comments on them! Thanks so much, June - for the earrings AND for putting up with hubby's bad jokes. Ok...I guess I do have to admit that SOME of the bad jokes are ones that I find on the Internet and print out for him to bring to the mall and share :-)

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A Dixie Girls Delights said...

those are adorable how sweet <3