Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Accessories Swap

I was in Aunt Pitty Pat's Sewing Accessories Swap - we worked with our assigned partners to create each other a sewing machine cover, a sewing machine apron with pockets (goes under the sewing machine), and a pinkeep with scrap-catcher bag. My wonderful partner was Amy from Domesticity and Other Ponderous Things. Here's what Amy sent me! This pic is from Amy's blog, because I've been having some camera problems, but I do have a few pics I took as well. She used some "measuring tape" twill tape as an accent - it's so darned cute! What a perfect touch!
Here's a somewhat murky picture I snapped. Comparing it to Amy's pic above, you can see it was a bit smooshed from being stuffed in the shipping box, but it does fit my machine perfectly!
A close-up of the cover...

The pinkeep is awesomely huge! And you can see the measuring twill tape up close and personal in this pic. Amy also included these nifty snips - they will definitely come in handy!

Here's a shot of the machine apron - so handy for stashing those tools I use all the time....ahem...including that "reverse sewing" one, LOL!

Amy also sent some of the scraps so I can make whatever else I might want to coordinate, a yummy smelling candle, and two handmade pins she crafted - they have apple heads - she's VERY talented!!! Thanks so much Amy - you were a wonderful swap partner and I love everything!

This pic's a bit blurry, but I couldn't resist - I was trying to get a better pic of the scrap-catcher, and apparently Diesel wanted to be in the shot:-)


Missy said...

How cute, I have my eye on some fabric I want to buy to make a sewing machine cover too!

San-Dee said...

What a darling set! I just got mine from Maria in Canada, but she knows hers will be "late" as it took her a while to get me her machine measurements! I love the tape, I have to find some of that for my daughter.

BettyAnn Maki said...

The Sewing Accessories Swap you received is awesome. My partner was Alda, she told me " received this beautiful package and I am speechless, and that is not often." I'm so happy she like her sewing machine cover. I knew she liked cats.
Your swap partner was very creative, I'm truly Impressed with her work.