Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Projects!

I just love free projects, don't you? The McCall Pattern Company has some free projects on their site at: One that I've made is what they call "Evening Bag." But I use it to "wrap" small gifts in (remember, I can never find tissue or wrapping paper in my house, so I always use fabric, LOL!). Here are a couple bags I made using their free pattern, although I did do a bit o' embellishment because I just can't leave things the way they are!

I added beads on both sides of the zippers, and ribbon flowers with either button or beaded centers. I usually just make stuff up as I go and rarely do the exact same thing twice. I added beaded (on wire) zipper pulls.

Inside this one, I packed a matching credit card holder, wrapped in tulle to kinda fill the bag out nicely.
And here's the credit card holder - open, and closed. What fun to make and to give!

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Carla said...

My how beautiful these are. Don't look a thing like the pattern photo!