Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! NOT!

Well, winter has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! Our first snow of the Season arrived late last night, but just a dusting. Today, however, it has been snowing harder and is starting to cover the ground. It's beautiful...but I really do have to get to work tomorrow, so I'm hoping it won't hang around :-(
Miss Piggy, our Boston Terrier-Pug, has been frolicking in the strange, cold, white stuff all morning! She delights in pouncing on the snow and biting chunks. I had a hard time getting her to stand still long enough, but finally got this pic.

Like I said, it is beautiful...but as I'm standing here on our deck, I am listening to the ominous sounds of many, many sirens coming from the freeway in the distance, and thinking of that icy drive I'm going to face in the morning.....staying at home, bundled up, and sewing seems a far better idea to me!


Ellena said...

The pictures are pretty, but make me cold. If it snows a lot and covers highways do you still have to go to work? It does not snow much here but when it does I have to trek in anyway , I just drive at a snails pace and pray that no one hits me when I have to drive, usually my husband will drive me in, because he worries the whole time about me. I am a nurse and people are sick no matter the weather and I feel obligated to go to work. Take care if you do drive. Ellena

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh my goodness Nadine I keep saying we are kindered souls.. I had a Blk Lab that I named Ms Piggy. Isn't that the strangest thing ever two people naming a black dog Ms Piggy???? Things that make you go HUM?????