Sunday, December 12, 2010

Country Pleasures Christmas Apron Swap - Received!

Here's what the mail carrier brought me from the very sweet Ashley from this dixie girls delights! She made me a darling denim apron - I'm pretty sure she fashioned it from the leg of a pair of jeans - way to upcycle, Ashley! It's very sturdy and will get worn a lot - it's hanging on a hook in the kitchen right now :-) And all the tuck-ins! Coffee mug and cocoa, cookie cutters and pottholder mitt. It's hard to see, but there's an adorable blue ornie that Ashley hand puffy-painted and she did a remarkable job - must have a very steady hand. She included the sweetest tags with rhymes on them for everything - how special is that!

Look at the sweet fabric she adorned it with!

She really spoiled me! But the thing I loved the most (well, other than the apron!) was this clever jar filled with potpourri and Christmas lights! Plug it in, and Instant Christmas, complete with a wonderful cinnamon smell! We enjoyed it for hours last night. P.S. I'm sure you noticed my glue gun in the pic below - my heat gun for rubber-stamping is on ANOTHER counter...we sewers/crafters sure do wind up with a lot of "equipment" everywhere this time of year! Thanks so much, Ashley - I'm sure we'll be friends forever :) 


A Dixie Girls Delights said...

Nadine, I am just happy you enjoyed it all you spoiled me rotten as well it was a great swap and I do look forward to participating in another one :) Hope y'all have a merry christmas hugs Ashley

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Great swap partners you two made, woohoo!Love the apron Ashley, you did a great job!