Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Up-Cycled Apron

I was asked to be an angel for Aunt Pitty Pat's Don't Ditch It, Restitch It Upcycled Apron Swap. Of course, I said yes! Here's what I started with - two blouses, one with tiny ruffles...
And the other with embroidery on the collar and pocket...I could say that I took this picture as a closeup to show the embroidery...but in reality, I whacked off the sleeves before remembering to take the "before" picture, haha!

I used the chambray shirt front (and strips from the back) for the skirt portion of the apron, and the striped, embroidered shirt front for the bib, retaining the pocket. I used two coordinating fabrics for ties and binding the edges.
I just had to make a small tote bag to go along with the apron - I lined it with the back of the striped shirt and used one of the coordinating fabrics for the main bag. But I took HALF of an embroidered collar and paired it with a THIRD of a chambray sleeve, minus the cuff (more on that in the next pic) to make a pocket!
So, what did I use that cuff for? Well, I thought it would make a great fastener for a tea wallet! It was a little longer than I needed, but I just added a seam in the extra part of the cuff and used it to put a tie through, and attached a lobster claw fastener to clip onto a loop I added to the tote! maybe it was that second glass of wine that figured in here somehow...LOL!
Here's the inside, with the tea in the pockets! I hope the recipient likes her angel apron swap package :-)


knbquilts said...

You are so creative!!!! I love my apron, bag, and tea wallet and all of the other little goodies. Thank you and you truly are an angel.

Yarni Gras! said...

cute,cute, cute!!!!!!!