Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Surprise" Fabric - What an Unexpected (and GREAT!) Gift!

I came into work on Monday and found a yard of fabric on my chair! What a wonderful way to start the work week! My work-friend, Chris, had been to Idaho to visit her very special Aunt for a vacation. She wandered into a quilt shop while she was there, and spotted this fabric. She just knew I had to have it! Don't we all need friends who think like that? It's the Loralie Designs "Fashion Beach" pattern.
Chris made sure the yard-cut had HER favorite dame - the one with the orange stripe suit and fabulous hat! Isn't she fabulous?
I don't know which is MY favorite - I like them all, but I'm kinda partial to this one - look at those "strategically-placed" flowers, haha!
Or maybe this is my favorite? She reminds me of my friend Robin, whose finger and toenails are always gorgeous (not like mine, which are "naked" and all different lengths).
Now, this one is pretty saucy looking, don't you think? You can just tell she's "trouble" - maybe that's why I like her :-)Well, I will have to think of something VERY special to use this fabric for....and guess what? I'll be whacking off that SELVEDGE real soon! All those pretty color-bubbles will look real nice in one of my selvedge projects. Thanks, Chris! You are a Special Lady, like the Loralie Ladies :-)


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Aweeeeeee how sweet was that of your friend to think of you with such a fun and thoughtful gift. LOL I think one of these great gals would look way funny in a frame on your desk with a sassy saying at the bottom :)
You would come in each day and she would put a smile on your face ;)

Chylynn said...

Cute fabric. Chris is very nice! :)

Yarni Gras! said...

that fabric is WONDERFUL...and how sweet of your friend to do that for you.