Thursday, June 4, 2009

Laughing At Oneself - Parking 101

I went to visit someone for the weekend, and there were oodles-of-vehicles in the driveway. The owner asked me to "please back up over by the Rhododendron bush." Seemed like a simple task, don't you think? I backed up "over by the Rhododendron bush"....but in the cold, hard light of morning, I realized my poor old Pontiac was IN the Rhododendron bush! This picture doesn't really do it justice, but the back end is FIRMLY PLANTED IN/ON the bush, LOL! Poor thing! My rear tires were squishing several branches! Fortunately, when I finally managed to extricate my Pontiac, the bush was none-the-worse-for-wear (other than mass quantities of squooshed flowers on the driveway), but I'm sure it was relieved to finally have that load off!
Now...having said you notice the windshield wipers are standing straight up? That is what happens when you have an offspring who is a mechanic! He previously worked for a private shop, and now he's working for the Olympia Fire Department, so it's not quite as easy to get him to work on my car, since he's tired from working all day on those ambulances and aid cars.
And those windshield wipers are just the dashboard has become a "carnival of lights" - the Low Washer Fluid light, the Change Oil Soon light, the Low Coolant light (which alternately flashes on and off, OR stays lit steady - variety IS the spice of life!), the Low Oil Level light particularly disturbs me, and I have lived with the Check Tire Pressure light for many months (the sensor is broken). Ahh, well.....just like the "shoemaker's children" we are the "mechanic's parents," LOL! At least it gets me where I want to go and home again :-)

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