Monday, June 8, 2009

My G-Daughter - Warning, Very Long Post!

Marcel, of Aunt Pitty Pat's, commented that I don't blog about my granddaughter, Brittney, and she's right! I remedied that this weekend, since Brittney was visiting from Seattle. I drove her nearly crazy taking pictures at the Olympia Farmer's Market, one of our very favorite places to hang out. Now I'm going to drive YOU crazy with the pics I took :-) This is my Sweet-Sixteen-Granddaughter in front of Los Tulenos, our VERY FAVORITE Taco Stand...we both exclusively order the Spicy Pork Tacos (SPTs), and Ice-Tea-No-Lemon - like Grandma, like Granddaughter :-) We are so hungry, waiting for our favorite foodHere's Saul - he's one of the owners. Last year, he "improved" the Spicy Pork Taco recipe - it was even better than before! The "regulars" all noticed.....and approved!

It was a beautiful day, and we both enjoyed our SPTs.....

Right down to the very last Lovin' Spoonful!
Brittney by the big bell - they ring this bell when The Market opens! It's loud!

Brittney by one of the many plant booths - both Brittney and the flowers are beauties, aren't they?
Brittney by the tie-dye booth. How "Sixties" is that?

My "honey" by the honey booth...

This is the lavendar lady - she sells the cutest "chicken" pincushions, filled with lavendar. I've bought several for gifts, and when I use mine, it still smells wonderful every time I stick a pin into that poor chicken, LOL!

Brittney's as sweet as these cherries. Washington State grows awesome cherries!

Another plant booth...

I said "Stand over there by the cheese." She said "Naw, I'd rather stand by the swirly bread." I said "But then the cheese will have to stand alone!" We looked at each other, puzzled, for a minute and then we both started took us a few minutes to remember that was from "The Farmer in the Dell."

Here's the swirly bread. I walk REAL fast by this booth! They have some really tasty stuff!
This place sells metal house numbers and animal statue-thingies. I bought my friend, Teresa, a metal raccoon for her yard since she has all kinds of REAL wildlife that come around for a handout. We dubbed him "MetaliCoon."
Brittney's the apple of my eye :-) Washington is famous for their apples, ya know?
The lady in the background makes birdhouses. We were in 4-H together a billion years ago.

Keep Clam! And Oysters, too!
Some total stranger literally SNATCHED my camera out of my hands, saying "If you're like me, you have LOTS of pictures of others, but few of yourself." And she took this picture! What a nice ending to our Market Journey. There'll be many more, I'm sure :-)

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Chylynn said...

I am glad you did this post. It looks like y'all had a fun day!