Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Redneck Newspaper Holder.....

Day before yesterday, I stopped to get the mail after work, and looked at the was getting pretty evil what with the blackberry vines stretching out their prickly branches! I took this picture, and then remembered some pics I had snapped last year, before I had a blog. So, here I am, dredging up old pics to post.... Believe it or not, we have three addresses to our property...and two mailboxes. One mailbox is way around the corner and up a hill from the other. We call them the "downstairs mailbox" and the "upstairs mailbox." Long time ago, we used to get the local newspaper (and our mail) at the "upstairs mailbox" because that's where we lived. For whatever reason (I can't remember), we stopped the paper delivery, then eventually moved to another house on the property, where we now get our mail at the "downstairs mailbox." Are ya still with me? Then last year we decided we wanted to start getting the paper delivered again (of course, I wanted the craft- and fabric-store flyers/coupons!). Well, there was already one of those plastic paper box thingies at the "upstairs mailbox," but none at the "downstairs mailbox." We figured that was the newspaper's problem to we got signed up for the Friday-Saturday-Sunday delivery and waited. It took a few days. There was our first newspaper, lying on top of our "downstairs mailbox." Again, the next day...on top of the mailbox. The Sunday paper guessed it....on top of the mailbox! Another week went by with the same results - by this time, we weren't sure they were ever going to install a paper box, but as long as we were getting the paper, we didn't care.
That's when I noticed that those pesky blackberry vines were really getting obnoxious, coming across the top of the mailbox. I didn't want either the letter carrier or the newspaper carrier to get scratched, so I tossed a pair of clippers in my glovebox, intending to whack those branches back on my way home. But as I started to reach for the paper so I could start whacking, I suddenly realized that those prickly branches were actually HOLDING the paper onto the top of the mailbox! Without the sticker-bushes, the paper would fall off! I returned to my car, tossed the clippers back in the glovebox, and grabbed my camera instead. That's when I thought "Hmmm....Redneck Newspaper Holder...."

A few days later, they installed a REAL paper box...and I found myself being sad that the "Redneck Newspaper Holder" was no longer being used :-( Well, I guess I'd better grab those clippers and get back to whacking away at the current crop before the mailbox disappears entirely!


Yarni Gras! said...

that's too funny! Now, when are you going to HARVEST the blackberries?

NadineC said...

Awww, they aren't ripe yet...but when they are, I will make pies :-) They are the Himalaya "seedy" berries, but I'm not a berry snob. Ain't nothin' better than to stick your nose into a bucket of ripe blackberries on a warm summer day and take a deep breath...ahhhhhh! Now that's living!