Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drunken Parrot Wear

Did I say "Drunken Parrot Wear"? Why, yes.....yes, I did! Here's a picture of some jewelry my niece, Kendra Guffey, sent runs in the family, I guess.....
Kendra is my HERO! She has jumped out of airplanes, scaled huge mountains, scuba-dived in cold waters, and she's been a "pirate" forever. Just how much of a pirate is she? Well, NOT the "bad" kind that have been in the news lately...but the "good" kind. She's a bona fide celebrity! Kendra was in the (ill-fated) Pirate Masters reality TV series. Here's the link to her stuff: Kendra. And here's her pic:

She is my very best favorite niece (not to mention my ONLY niece, LOL!). But seriously, she is sweet, funny, kind, transparent, and fearless...all good attributes. If I had one story to tell about her, it would be this: years ago, we rescued a one-eyed cat from the animal shelter (my husband wanted a lap dog....he and son, Adam, wound up coming home with a damned one-eyed cat! Go figure!) Kendra happened to be visiting from Los Angeles.
She is a REAL, SERIOUS cat-person. She asked what we were going to name the one-eyed cat! I said...uh...we'll just probably call her "Kitty, Kitty" like the rest of the cats we've always had....
That was not acceptable with Kendra! So the first day we had the one-eyed cat, she conjured up 10 cat-names. Gosh, I can't remember ANY of them now, but they were either too cutsie or too convoluted, or too girlie. I said "no" to all of them. She frowned, growled, and slunk away to lick her wounds. The second day, she had 10 more names. Again...none of them fit. Do you see a "Rumplestiltskin" theme here? The third day, she had 10 more. Blah, blah, blah.....Calypso. Hmmmm...Calypso...well, she was wearing me down, and Calypso didn't seem so awful bad. I told her "Fine....Calypso...(but we're still gonna call her Kitty, Kitty....)." She grinned like the Cheshire Cat and groomed herself.....seemingly satisfied. She went back to California, satisfied that that damned one-eyed cat had a proper name.
Fast forward to the next weekend: my granddaughter, Brittney (long post about her below) was about five years old at the time. She came to stay for the weekend. Oh!!!!!! New Kitty!!!! What's Kitty's name? I said her name is "Calypso." Brittney took that in, and nodded. Later that day...we were all out in the front yard. All of us, including that damned one-eyed cat. Suddenly Brittney said "Dish Soap....Dish Soap".....huh????? We all looked at Brittney...and BURST OUT LAUGHING! To a five-year old, Calypso sounded an awful lot like DISH SOAP! Brittney did NOT appreciate us laughing at her...she gave us a look that only a five-year old can give...and we were properly chagrined (for about two seconds). That cat that we NEVER called Calypso, was thereafter referred to as DISH SOAP. She is still alive today, although feeble-minded and -bodied...cranky as heck...but still kicking. Wish I had a picture of her, but she moved to town with our oldest son and is living out her sunset years in kitty splendor...they call her "One-Eye"....but to me she will always be DISH SOAP.
But I love my niece...and love the jewelry she sent me...I am making her a Weads necklace in return. Kendra - you are a very special lady - thank you for being in my life :-)


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a wonderful fun post.. thank you for sharing the funny story about kitty kitty!!! love Dish Soap name too :)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

oh I forgot to tell you I loved the beads.. they are fantastic :) just like Aunties :)

AwtemNymf said...

Nice jewelry. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing my dog Jester well. He's feeling a wee lil' bit better! *keeps fingers and eyes crossed* LOL

Tulsi said...

Jewelery is one thing I've never tried. My daughter is expecting and her friend made her and the baby matching bracelets. That was cute.